Update the diff script

Signed-off-by: Gavin Howard <gavin@yzena.com>
Gavin D. Howard 1 year ago
parent fde381e21f
commit bf732958c7
Signed by: gavin
GPG Key ID: F890265DD80E4E90

@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ usage() {
printf ' %s [-f] [-l] [-t]\n' "$script"
printf '\n'
printf ' This script diffs all files of the chosen category or categories, in order\n'
printf ' from YOL, YCL, YNL, YVL, and YUL.\n'
printf ' from YOL, YCL, YCUL, YNL, YNUL, YVL, and YVUL.\n'
printf ' Diffs the license files by default.\n'
printf '\n'
printf ' -f Diff the FAQ files. Disables diffing the licenses unless -l is given.\n'
@ -76,21 +76,30 @@ done
if [ "$templates" -ne 0 ]; then
meld YOL/YOL.md.in YCL/YCL.md.in
meld YCL/YCL.md.in YCUL/YCUL.md.in
meld YCL/YCL.md.in YNL/YNL.md.in
meld YNL/YNL.md.in YNUL/YNUL.md.in
meld YNL/YNL.md.in YVL/YVL.md.in
meld YVL/YVL.md.in YUL/YUL.md.in
meld YVL/YVL.md.in YVUL/YVUL.md.in
if [ "$licenses" -ne 0 ] || [ "$force_licenses" -ne 0 ]; then
meld YOL/YOL.md YCL/YCL.md
meld YCL/YCL.md YCUL/YCUL.md
meld YCL/YCL.md YNL/YNL.md
meld YNL/YNL.md YNUL/YNUL.md
meld YNL/YNL.md YVL/YVL.md
meld YVL/YVL.md YUL/YUL.md
meld YVL/YVL.md YVUL/YVUL.md
if [ "$faqs" -ne 0 ]; then
meld YOL/FAQ.md YCL/FAQ.md
meld YCL/FAQ.md YCUL/FAQ.md
meld YCL/FAQ.md YNL/FAQ.md
meld YNL/FAQ.md YNUL/FAQ.md
meld YNL/FAQ.md YVL/FAQ.md
meld YVL/FAQ.md YUL/FAQ.md
meld YVL/FAQ.md YVUL/FAQ.md