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  • Add to the FAQ about why source code is defined as the original copyrighted material. This is also to prevent obfuscated source from being shared, as in
  • Add a clause to all licenses about all enforceable clauses being enforceable even if some clauses are not.
  • Add FAQ for why only contributors can notify violators. (Because otherwise, violators may claim there is no legal standing as only contributors hold copyright.)
  • Add FAQ suggestion for contact information (bug tracker especially) in notice file for users to notify contributors of license violations.
  • Change Combined Software to use the term "link".
  • Change Combined Software to Program and tighten the definition.
  • Add an FAQ about why I separate Program and Application.
  • Finish the Viral and User licenses.
  • Do the FAQ's for the Viral and User licenses.
  • Remove the condition that you must change the source code before needing to share, i.e., make it so sharing is always required.
  • Add an FAQ for the requirement to always share, to make it clear that that is what I want. And also say why. (To get around a loophole that the AGPL has, see
    • Also, require sharing source always because then people could try to make users run a gauntlet before sharing, and that's not what I want.
  • Add an FAQ about why I have the Purpose clauses, using
  • Add an FAQ on the User license about why the Tivoization clause is not on a more permissive license. The reason is because there are legitimate uses for Tivoization, as Linus Torvalds said in
  • Add FAQ about why the license must always be shared. This is because links may die and because it makes it easier for users to see what rights they have.
  • Add an Yzena Application License to require sharing all of the source code for an Application?
    • Using the point that Linux has been turned into the biggest spyware ever (Android), I actually might want to make this as broad as possible.