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C Utils for Yzena https://docs.yzena.com/
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Yzena Viral User License


Version 0.1

This license is a draft. Do not use.


This license gives users as much permission to work with this software as possible, while protecting contributors from liability and ensuring that anyone who makes this software part of any software available for public use publishes their changes and the source code of any software combined with this software, as well as ensuring that user agency is respected. It also ensures user freedom to modify this software and to use as such.


In order to receive this license, you must agree to its rules. The rules of this license are both obligations under that agreement and conditions to your license. You must not do anything with this software that triggers a rule that you cannot or will not follow.

Source Code

In this license, the phrase "source code" includes the original copyrighted material of any software.

This Software

In this license, the phrase "this software" includes the source code licensed under this license. It also includes the output of any execution of any algorithm that uses all or part of this software as all or part of its input, but only if the output itself is software.

Combined Software

In this license, the phrase "combined software" means this software alone. It also means any piece of software which results from combining this software with any part of any other software into one piece of software.


In this license, the term "application" means any system that uses any piece of combined software.

User Agency

User agency is the concept that users must have the choice of what the software they use does for them, and that software must never disobey the user or obey any other entity in lieu of obeying the user.

Each contributor licenses you to do everything with this software that would otherwise infringe that contributor's copyright in it, except anything that would break any rule of this license.


Unless any contributor says otherwise, this software can be relicensed under all later versions of this license.


If you wish to distribute this software as part of any software, you must provide the source code on request and without cost, and you must do so under this license or any of the licenses under Compatibility. However, this rule need not apply to the rest of any software for which this software is only a part, including any parts of the software that this software needs.


You must ensure that everyone who gets a copy of any part of this software from you also gets the text of this license.


If the source code includes a file named CREDITS.md or NOTICE.md, then you must ensure that everyone who gets a copy of any part of this software from you, with or without changes, also gets the verbatim text of that file.


This License does not grant you any rights to the names, trademarks, service marks, or logos of any contributors.


You cannot initiate any patent litigation claiming that this software infringes any patent, directly or indirectly.


You must allow, and make it possible, for anyone to modify this software and use the modified version, including modifying any product that this software is a part of. you may also not use this software as part of an application or product that would prevent anyone from modifying and using any other software.

Respecting User Choice

You cannot use this software as part of, or in support of, any application or product that does not respect user agency and that does anything that does not directly accomplish a task that the end user directly requested the product or application to do. This software must not be used as part of, or in support of, any application or product that is not a faithful and obedient agent for the end user, including as part of any application or product that manipulates the user.

This section still applies if the law does not allow such applications or products to comply. In that case, this license prohibits the use of this software under such law.


If any contributor notifies you in writing that you have not complied with Distribution, Notices, Credits, Trademarks, Litigation, Non-Interference, and/or Respecting User Choice, you can keep your license by taking all practical steps to comply within 30 days after the notice. If you do not do so, your license ends immediately after the 30 days.


Each contributor licenses you to do everything with this software that would otherwise infringe any patent claims they can license or become able to license.


No contributor can revoke this license from you unless you do not follow its rules.

No Liability

As far as the law allows, this software comes as is, without any warranty or condition, and no contributor will be liable to anyone for any damages related to this software or this license, under any kind of legal claim.