An implementation of Unix dc and POSIX bc with GNU and BSD extensions
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This is an implementation of POSIX bc that implements GNU bc extensions, as well as the period (.) extension for the BSD bc.

This bc is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). It is licensed under the BSD 0-clause License.


To build, use the following commands:

make install

This bc supports CC, CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LDLIBS, PREFIX, and DESTDIR make variables. Users can also create a file named config.mak in the root directory to control make.

There is also a make help command to list all targets and options.


This bc is in beta stage. It has been well-tested and fuzzed, but has not yet been proven in the wild.


This bc is written in pure ISO C99.

Commit Messages

This bc uses the commit message guidelines laid out in this blog post.

Semantic Versioning

This bc uses semantic versioning.


Files:      Install script from musl libc.      A Markdown form of the BSD 0-clause License.
Makefile        The Makefile.       List of contributors and copyright owners.      A checklist for making a release.         A TODO list.


include     All header files.
lib         The bc math library and code to generate C source for it.
src         All source code.
tests       All tests.
toybox      Files to cut a release into toybox. (Maintainer use only.)