4817 Commits (master)

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  Gavin Howard d0c044a11e
Increment the version and update the NEWS 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard b717571cfa
Fix a typo 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 2b43d1bc54
Fix an omission from the manuals 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 5e9441c474
Update the manuals for the change in the last commit 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 580e4ada73
Make bc/dc not exit with -e and -f in B/DC_ENV_ARGS 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 38a619a848
Update manual header dates 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard d7923c937a
Add another thing to not include in release distributions 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 0182b97d00
Increment the version and update the NEWS 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 6473c71283
Fix a small non-portable thing in configure.sh 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 3515525691
Fix a small annoyance in test output 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard cd56d5907a
Fix style 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 1815efc5bd
Fix a problem on OpenBSD 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard f911ea13ea
Update the build manual 1 week ago
  Gavin Howard 4e6e79965b
Update a link in the README 2 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 8b9f8084a0
Tweak build output 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 469200e286
Increment the version and update the NEWS 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard d2c4951a39
Add the test scripts back in to the build 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 75978deb95
Add back in some test scripts that FreeBSD needs 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard f0a16dfeab
Fix a syntax problem in configure.sh 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 8cc14cfdb1
Add a way to disable configure's clean 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 3313e6fcf0
Add a dictionary for fuzzing with AFL 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 98b20262ab
Update the NEWS 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard c4437772e7
Add a way to ensure no memory leaks for testing 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard b30a755a18
Fix valgrind and ASan in the release script 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard a0e5042c16
Tweak the wording in skipped tests 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 158100c24c
Make configure generate the right test targets 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard e5dcaef09a
Make configure only clean config 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 8660b3779f
Fix a bug 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 9fa2a83274
Make sure configure cleans up everything 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 38ed8ced4b
Make the release script use all cores 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard a8aaa3641e
Change to order of some more tests for speed 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard f981345302
Force the order of test script runs to cut runtime as much as possible 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard faada5f176
Switch the order of tests to allow scripts to run earlier 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard b0c6bf8702
Parallelize `make test` 3 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 093a99dff2
Make it so I can use AFL with the PRNG 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 723596684e
Add missing #if guards on bc_num_strValid() 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard e6c3f346e0
Add a #define for popping all elements of a vector 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 6e35e1e566
Check in a change that should have gone in two commits ago 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 62ad9df205
Try to seed the PRNG with /dev/random if /dev/urandom fails 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 614ef613e8
Fix style and make various tiny improvements 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 38c600e35c
Fix the afl script 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 7e78772090
Add a line to the manuals warning against the PRNG 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 203f8e0713
Fix the SPDX identifiers for FreeBSD 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 0718a62d08
Make fuzzing easier and slightly faster 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 6720461421
Make sure to ignore afl-fuzz core files 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard ea7c630222
Move all back to the default target 4 weeks ago
  Gavin Howard 06bb985a5a
Add a test and fuzzing case for the crash fixed two commits ago 1 month ago
  Gavin Howard 46ff39d18c
Fix style 1 month ago
  Gavin Howard de9210278e
Fix another crash 1 month ago
  Gavin Howard 6873fceeb3
Add the fuzzing infrastructure to the repo 1 month ago