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A list of Petty Tyrant Businesses.
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Petty Tyrant Businesses

This repo is a list of all of the businesses that have forced me to wear a mask or get vaccinated, which I call "Petty Tyrant Businesses" (PTB's).

WARNING: Naming these businesses is only for the reason of encouraging them to put off the tyranny of stupidity by voting with our money. Under NO circumstances should anyone commit crimes or violence against these businesses.


See this post.

tl;dr: I am sick of obeying tyrannical rules.

List of PTB's by Others

I have a curated list of PTB's by others. Feel free to open a Pull Request to your own list.

Petty Tyrant Businesses

These businesses forced me to wear a mask. I will not do business with them if at all possible.

Businesses are arranged alphabetically with dates.

  • Mrs. Call's Candy Company. 27 Feb 2021, went into a local store, told to sanitize my hands and put on my mask.
  • Slim Chicken's. 25 Feb 2021, told to wear a mask.
  • Utah Truffles. 27 Feb 2021, parent company is Mrs. Call's Candy Company.

Liberty Loving Businesses

This is a list of businesses that haven't asked me to wear a mask (yet).

  • Pizza Studio in Lehi, UT.
  • Smith's in Lehi, UT.